What is Liberty Gujrat? 


Welcome to Liberty Gujrat Center, Which is a state-of-the-art shopping center for all your needs. At Liberty Gujrat, you will find a fantastic shopping experience with our national and international brands for every age. Basically, one stop for your every life needs. Located in Gujrat Main City with just 5 mins drive to Chanab Lake and all the beautiful landscapes which Gujrat City provides. It provides enormous spaces for the carparks so you get to park right next to your desired brand and have the best time.




With the introduction of climate control streets, it is one of a kind facility that we are providing to make the golden triangle city better and introduce the best and most healthy way to shop. 

On top of this, all the stores and restaurants are open until late, so you can shop and dine at the time which suits you. Most of our brands and stores are even click-and-collect destinations. So you can shop online and collect your product the next day at the store. 

Liberty Gujrat offers a wide range of shops that understand your every need and provide you with the best option with the best rates so you don’t have to look anywhere else. Here is the list of the features and amenities you will get to enjoy when you become a part of liberty Gujrat family.

Liberty Broadway: 

Like the name Liberty Broadway stands different by providing your first time in Gujrat with 3 lanes one way of a total of 40 feet on each side for traffic you can enter and exit smoothly and never have to think about being stuck in traffic. Broadway Brings you all the best famous brands to do the shopping and to decide what you need to pick.




Oxford Street:

Oxford Street is inspired by Western countries containing all the international brands with the best selection for you to have the best time, Including climate control streets to shop in the fresh air along with one of the biggest places for kids to enjoy while you do shopping. 




Monalisa Block: 

Women empowerment is one of the main things we look for so that is why we are creating a whole side of liberty Gujrat for ladies named Monalisa Block In which, from owner to staff everyone will be a female representative to give you the best opinion and options.




Smart Street:

Technology needs are a must nowadays whether it’s for home appliances or personal usage. Smart Center at Liberty Gujrat got you covered with all that from mobiles accessories to big brands’ tech now you can buy everything under one roof.




Trade Center:


Trade Centers within a shopping center usually refer to an area designated for business meetings or to showcase and sell their products and services. It can have a variety of businesses including kiosks, Booths and providing spaces for companies to have a get-together or meetings.




Food Court: 

Best shopping requires the best breaks and enjoying that with the best foods. At Liberty Gujrat, it’s our motto to provide you with the best options for food with all the traditional and international food brands and beverages. It will comprise multiple restaurants or food outlets catching your taste with the best prices. 





Liberty Gujrat is filled extraordinary amenities like tennis court, Snooker, Gym Khana and a wide 10.5 Kanal area for kids to play while parents do shopping. We provide Security 24/7 for the safety so everyone can have a great time.



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