Property Fraud.

Property fraud can be a serious offense and an issue in Pakistan. As we know that the inflation rate and the economy of the country are not worse due to political instability, and because of that many people try to get away by breaking the law. Here are some of the tips which you can follow to save yourself from property fraud:


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Steps to prevent it:


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  1.       Make sure to verify: Verifying the ownership of the property is one of the main aspects of making sure that the property is legit and checking all the paperwork, which is always necessary. Always check from Government authorities, such as the Revenue Department or the Land Registry Office. With this, you can make sure that the property you are buying is legit.
  2.       Make sure to conduct due Diligence: Check for if the property has a history if it’s a house or Land, and check if there have been any previous owners for that property. Always check for any legal disputes or any pending legislation, unpaid taxes, or any other issues that may affect the property’s Ownership or value in the future.
  3.       Hire a Lawyer: Hire a Lawyer who specializes in property law and can guide you in any way possible to make the best decision. The Lawyer can also help review all the legal documents, Contracts, and agreements about that related property.
  4.       Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true: If the property is being sold at a significantly lower price than the actual market price, Be cautious before making a decision and always double-check what is the reason for the property being cheap.
  5.       Make a Bank Deposit for payment: Always make sure that you don’t pay by cash because cash doesn’t have any trace, Instead go for a bank deposit in which you can actually track the progress of the payment and have access to the transaction history and a proper paper trail of that account as well.
  6.       Keep the documents in a secure location: Always make sure to keep all the legal documents and records related to the property safe and secure, including sales agreements, receipts, and ownership documents.
  7.       Always stay vigilant: Be vigilant and stay alert for any suspicious activities or behavior related to that property, and report any such incidents to the relevant authority immediately.

By following the tips properly and taking proper precautions, you can save yourself from property fraud and ensure that the property you are investing in is a good deal and a secure deal for you.

Platforms to choose

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