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LIBERTY GUJRAT:    Liberty Gujrat is one of the best upcoming projects in Gujrat Punjab. Situated just at the start of Gujrat when coming from Chanab at the Grand Trunk Road. Covering more than 200 Kanals It features all the modern facilities and the best shopping mall with all the lavish international brands including Apartment buildings and hostels providing 24-hour security with all the best living amenities and opportunities, check the website for more details and get the best deals right now.   



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GRAND CITY KHARIAN:  Grand City Kharian is one of the most famous projects happening right now in the region of Gujrat.  With various blocks covering providing all the best amenities, the best part is that it’s close to Kharian Cantt which is really great for Security purposes. Grand City Kharian covers all areas to live a proper Western lifestyle, providing all the life luxuries that you deserve. Sectors like Overseas Green, Tulip Hills, Burj Block, and Urban Hub, are covered with gardens and monuments with natural sunsets and sunrise making it the best location all the way bringing plots to form 5 marla to 2 Kanals. Check the range of options and get the best deal on




MALL OF KHARIAN:  In the heart of the beautiful Kharian City, the Mall of Kharian is the best opportunity with small shops to international brands. Mall of Kharian is a vibrant and modern shopping destination with its spacious layout and impressive western style architecture, This mall provides a comfortable environment for everybody and the best fine dining experience along with the best affordable departmental store for males, females, and kids all under one roof—a perfect place to dine or to go shopping with your friends and family.




MALL OF GUJRAT: The Mall of Gujrat is a modern sophisticated shopping center based in one of the best locations in Gujrat. A state-of-the-art interior and exterior design this mall provides a luxurious and inviting atmosphere for shoppers and visitors will discover an extensive selection of local brands while bringing the international brands as well as your footsteps. Mall of Gujrat is the ideal destination for a first-class experience and shopping international brands.



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River Garden:     River Garden is one of the best societies in Gujrat Pakistan, Providing beautiful Landscapes with a residential community that offers an idyllic living experience. Nested near the banks of a scenic river Chanab. Society is filled with modern-style homes and all the amenities that one could need to live the best lifestyle.



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Golden Triangle:  For the People who don’t know about the Golden triangle it’s a road connecting Gujrat, Sialkot and Gujranwala. All three of these cities hold for being the best in industrial area and beautiful landscapes as well. Golden triangle is a project which gives you an opportunity to look for the future in the commercial area. 69612299-2425945770827660-8229643357635215360-n.jpg


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Royal Orchard Gujrat: Royal orchard Housing are a well recognized name in the league of high end lavish housing project all across Pakistan. It is Unmatched in Structural planning its beautiful landscapes, design and all the Civic Facilities that a modern Family needs to Have the Best Lifestyle equipped with unique features of international Standards. We also speak for our commitment to the development of the less and underserved regions of Pakistan.



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Liberty Gujrat, a perfect place for you !!

Liberty Gujarat is a state-of-the-art shopping center located in the vibrant city of Gujarat, India. The shopping center is designed to offer a one-stop destination for all your shopping needs, with an impressive array of retail stores, restaurants, and entertainment...